Modern High Sheriffs

Long gone are the days when High Sheriffs wielded enormous legal and financial powers over their counties. Today, Sheriffs have taken on a more ceremonial role and have become a beacon for individuals and small organisations which are committed to protecting vulnerable people and transforming the county into a safe and peaceful environment.

In the ancient past, the post of High Sheriff was often passed from father to son. In modern times, those appointed to the post have traditionally been members of the landed gentry. More recently the net has been cast somewhat wider to cover those with long-established commitment to the county.

The role of High Sheriff, which might appear anachronistic, is an iconic one serving an important purpose. It not only connects the modern society to an ancient past, it also celebrates the lives and actions of ordinary people who wish to make a lasting difference to their county.

The shrievalty, with its high public profile and involvement with royal visits to the county, offers a platform for holders of the post to instigate positive change and promote the county’s unique character to residents and visitors.